Alibaba March 2021 New Trade Festival Hundred Regents Battle


In order to better welcome the new trade festival in March,

 in order to better service for customers.

The company prepared with "agglomerate team strength,

 promote enterprise development" the group

 that is the theme builds an activity,

 not only did exercise the body,

 also learned at the same time the square aspect of life and duty field.

I particularly like the instructor's definition of group building activity, 

which is outdoor experiential learning.

Not dictation learning, the surface is in the practice 

of team collective participation in learning,

 so that we learn from the content can

 be more conducive to our use in the future life and in doing.

One of the challenges is the "60 second dash".

The game is simple. Pick up 30 cards in 60 

seconds and hand them to the coach 

for 6 rounds.Our team divided into two 

groups to complete the challenge.

But these 30 cards are not very simple 30 numbers,

 but the content is completely different 

numbers and pictures.After 6 attempts, 

our team finally finished the challenge

 within the allotted time.In fact, 

if we had worked with the first team 

from the beginning, we would have

 completed the challenge in a much 

shorter time.In our work, sometimes

 urgent matters do not allow you to have time 

to consider, which makes me understand

 a truth: in front of the team, the strength

 of a person is small, a success can not be 

separated from the help of the team.

From this group I feel: there is a belief,

 no matter how difficult, 

only choose to insist, insist, 

success will wave to you.

The success of a team requires

 the full cooperation of everyone to be successful.